Five hacks to optimise space in your house

The difficulties of isolation and working from home have been most acutely felt by the ones living in cramped spaces and smaller apartments. It is specifically true in the case of metro cities such as Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai and Kolkata, among others where land and space comes at an eye-watering premium.

[authorimages]Many interior experts have spoken about work from home and creating workspaces at home. However, it comes with a plethora of challenges which compels people to redesign their spaces to make the most of very little.

Ironically, maximum metro cities have a very little space to offer to an average middle-class family owing to the shrunken apartment sizes. In such cases, compromising becomes essential. But in this lockdown, the size of your apartment should not affect your productivity. Do not let the small size of your house stop you from delivering the best and achieving work goals. Hence, here are some ways to make the small house look spacious and eliminate it as a hurdle between you and your productivity.

Multi-purpose furniture

Getting space-saving, functional, compact and stylish furniture suitable for a small-size apartment can help big time. Lack of space can be a hindrance, but beds that convert into sofas are the best to make space for additional activity. Use furniture that offers a few functional benefits. You can also use modular furniture for setting up an office space at home.

White, white and white

The whiter the room is, the more airy, bright and spacious it looks. White walls allow furniture to stand out and make it look open and clean. If you do not like white you can prefer any other light colour such as cream colour, light hue of beige and even shades of pistachio. These colours make the house look spacious and bigger than it is. 

Hidden storage

Space-saving design is the key to optimising space in a bedroom or kitchen. In the current situation of a complete lockdown, as people have been storing groceries and daily essentials, it is crucial to create additional space in the kitchen. However, to do so, buy easy-to-install shelves accessible on the online shopping portals. Order them today to create the space you always wanted. In bedrooms, use the unused space under the couch and the bed to make the house look cleaner and less occupied. The concept of minimalism always works.  

Mirrors on every wall

Strategic styling is key when it comes to small spaces. The use of furniture with mirrors and additional mirrors is a smart way to make the house look bigger and brighter. Use floor-length mirrors and small round ones, to create an illusion of a larger room area.


Flexibility is the key attribute in work from home scenario. Be flexible, learn to accept change and think outside the box to make life smooth. Constant change and increase and decrease in elements make the house look new and fresh every time. One can use the existing furniture and keep changing its positions to give a unique and happy vibe to the apartment.

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